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NVC Integration Class

Are you wanting to continue to integrate and deepen your command of NVC skills and consciousness with the support of a compassionate learning community?

We offer our Integration Class because we recognize that incorporating NVC consciousness into our lives can be a lonely and uncomfortable process, and we want you to have all of the support you need to have the life and relationships that you really want.

In our Integration Class you’ll engage in active dialog with self and others as you learn how to:

NVC Practice Groups

  • deepen your connection with yourself, including developing greater awareness of your feelings and a greater understanding of the needs your feelings are announcing
  • develop an ever-increasing felt-sense of presence
  • discern and honor your own wisdom
  • make needs-informed choices that expand your sense of well-being, satisfaction, confidence, and peace
  • expand your skill at asking for what you want, and your confidence that your needs can and will be met
  • enjoy the companionship of others with whom you can practice your new consciousness, deepening your experience of community as well as your skill
  • increase your sense of ease and comfort with living the promise of NVC consciousness

We’re excited to welcome you into our community of people committed to co-creating and sustaining joyous, authentic, cooperative relationships.

Each Integration Class meets for 8 weeks. Each one offers a deeply supportive, relevant experience by integrating your real-life situations and relationships into the curriculum and providing you with abundant opportunities for focused, guided, real-life practice.


Sandra Amiry


Completion of Foundations or equivalent. Have questions about the prerequisite? (Click here to contact us and request details)


$195- $295 sliding scale


The next start date is to be determined.
(8 Tuesdays from 6:30pm to 8:30pm).
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NVC Integration Class

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