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How our "Broken Toes" Sabotage our Relationships

Discover How our “Broken Toes” Sabotage Our Relationships! (a sneak preview to Vika’s Amazing Relationships Courses)

Nonviolent Communication (NVC), also known as Compassionate Communication and Giraffe language, is being used worldwide to promote and nurture cooperative relationships that support everyone’s thriving.

NVC was developed by Marshall Rosenberg PhD.  (See below for “What is NVC?”)

At Rose City NVC and Thriving Life NVC, we’re excited to provide you with the training, skills, and personal support that you long for.


We offer a broad range of NVC classes as well as click here to request information or to subscribe to our mailing list coaching, mediation, and consulting services to individuals, couples, families, groups, and organizations. We’re glad to tailor our offerings to meet your needs.

Whether you’re entirely new to NVC or have been practicing for years, Rose City NVC and Thriving Life NVC offer opportunities to build your skills and consciousness.

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What Is NVC?

 Click here ... for a FREE VIDEO Intro to NVC

Click here for a Free VIDEO Intro to NVC

Do you long to know how to create a deep sense of freedom, safety, ease, and joyful connection in your relationships with your loved ones? (partner, children, parents, neighbors, coworkers)

Do you long to know how to heal and release old pain and limitations from the past?

Nonviolent Communication (NVC, or Compassionate Communication) teaches a way of perceiving, understanding, and communicating that:

  • transforms our understanding of our own and others’ pain, fear, anger, and other “negative” emotions in a way that creates tremendous clarity, joy, freedom, and safety
  • creates a deeply safe, accepting, compassionate environment that leaves us feeling free to be everything we are — our real selves — with others
  • clarifies what truly contributes to our well-being (=happiness), so that we can focus our efforts on what actually does make our life more wonderful
  • reveals what’s really causing our conflicts with other people, and shows us how to dissolve these misunderstandings so we can experience the natural satisfaction, inspiration, communion, and joy that our relationships are meant to give us

After more than 75 years of combined research (33 for Fred, 43 for Vika), we’ve found that learning and incorporating the basic principles of NVC in all our endeavors — from our personal relationships to our economics, politics, education, health care, and other social institutions — is the quickest way to create the abundantly joyful, healthy, wonderful life that’s our birthright. (And the quickest way to heal our hurting world.)

When we understand what truly contributes to our well-being and how to communicate with each other in ways that honor and support everyone’s thriving, it becomes possible to enjoy relationships full of genuine harmony and peace as our everyday experience.

Come discover what’s possible!

— Fred and Vika