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What We Offer


Do you find yourself struggling to create the relationships you long for? Whether you’re an individual, couple, family or organization, our coaching sessions will address the struggles you have and support you to achieve a successful outcome.

We coach individuals, couples, families, and organizations to create and sustain harmonious relationships. Whether you are brand new to NVC or skilled practitioners, we will support your growth.

Our coaching sessions build trust, calm, and peace among all participants.
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Customized Training’s For Your Organization.

Would you like to bring NVC training’s to your organization, school, or business? We custom tailor our training’s to meet the needs of each group or organization we work with. Please contact us to set up a free consultation to learn how we can help transform your organization.
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At Rose City NVC we bring the latest developments in effective communication, Interpersonal Neurobiology, and mindfulness in service of calm, peace, and joy in your relationships. Our classes address your experience of disconnection, and provide you the skills necessary to establish meaningful and authentic relationships.

Our program is incremental because we believe that more than intellectual understanding is necessary to achieving the peace that you long for. Each course builds on the one before it resulting in a depth of practice that cements your new skills in your life. Our program is also diverse and covers the full range of topics and experiences necessary for successful growth in human connection.

We are excited to support you to have the quality of life you long for.
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NVC can be challenging to learn because it places in question most everything we have learned about communication and relationship. Retreats can be an ideal tool for learning because they provide separation from the demands of our lives, and enough space to incorporate the new possibilities. Retreats in natural surroundings are especially advantageous because being in nature by itself serves to calm and promote peace and integration.

Our retreats are designed to nurture the whole person and include: delicious organic food, natural surroundings, and hot springs and massage (massage not included in the price) when available. Let yourself be nurtured while you are grow toward peaceful relationships
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