Victim to Empowerment; Recovery from the Cycle of Abuse

We start out in life without the tools to cope with the intense feelings that emotional withdrawal, violent communication or physical trauma stimulate. Nor do we have the tools to begin to identify our needs and find strategies to meet these needs. Compassionately admitting to myself I was repeating a pattern I learned from my family of origin (reaching back several generations at least) was the first step. That self-honesty started my self-empowered path to connect more authentically to my feelings, identify my needs, and meet my needs.

Learning to set healthy boundaries, including leaving and recovering from an abusive relationship, was one of the greatest challenges in my life. It was like kicking the most addictive drug – avoiding what I felt absolutely compelled to do.

Whether a romantic partner, family member or employer, when I was experiencing repeat abuse in relationships it was because of what I was doing. My actions did not warrant abuse, no one deserves abuse, yet I was making unconscious choices that led me into and kept me in the cycle. My own patterns were keeping me from meeting some of my most essential needs.

In this Introductory Workshop we will:

• Get the empathy, self-compassion, and understanding you need to fight for what you’re most longing for.
• Learn to communicate your thoughts clearly, and understand the difference between requests & boundaries.
• Discover the ability to easily set appropriate boundaries and stick to them.
• Start developing the courage and self-confidence needed to leave an abusive relationship if necessary.
• Learn to take accountability for your actions, and untangle from your partners.
• Get tools to decrease making assumptions and buying into your stories or obsessive thinking.
• Increase your ability to get clarity discerning whether you need to end your relationship or get the help you need to move through and break the cycle.
• Support grief, mourning and healing around losses you have experienced from losing yourself in this pattern.

Class Details

Facilitators: Sandra Amiry

Tuition: $75 – $160 per person, Sliding Scale

When: Next Workshop Date TBD

Where: Online Classroom, register below to get more information.

Victim to Empowerment

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