Street Giraffe – Using NVC in Everyday Conversations

NVC is both a skill and consciousness, and when we first begin to learn NVC our skills at using the form of NVC, the way we express ourselves, can be more well developed than the qualities of calm and peace that our practice will eventually produce. As a result, some of those hearing how we are talking may react in spite of our best intentions to connect. Our Street Giraffe workshop will:

  • focus of shifting a formulaic use of NVC language into natural language
  • reduce the worry of others who may thing that you are “talking weird.”
  • support you to make the connections you long for.

This course was developed beginning in 2014 and was influenced by working with men in an Oregon prison, with children in a local school, and by working as a contractor in the business world.

When: Friday, September 22rd through Sunday, September 24th. We meet 6-8pm Friday evening, and 10:00am – 5:30pm Saturday and Sunday

Where: SE Portland, please register for details

Who: Isaac Hart, CNVC Certification candidate will facilitate this class

Cost: $195 – $295 Sliding scale.