Foundations – Integrations – Life Applications

We have received so many requests asking us for more skills and, especially, guided practice in using NVC that we have decided to extend our two-course basics series by adding a third eight-week class designed to support you to practice the situations where you most want to apply your new skills. Our new class, Life Applications, invites you to bring the life circumstances you most want to influence, and guide them toward cooperation and partnership through direct practice. Whether these are family, romantic, work, or social relationships, you will have the direct experience of “working through” them with support and encouragement.

NVC Foundations Class

Beginning with Foundations for those new to NVC we explore how to recognize the symptoms of reactivity and grow to understand how reaction, rather than genuine response, limits your ability to live cooperative relationships. In Foundations we also provide discussion and practice about how to transform reaction into presence thereby enabling partnership.
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NVC Integration Class

In Integrations we explore how the old wounds of our past influence our reactivity, how to befriend these wounds in ways that make them teachers rather than dictators, and we then explore how to increase how we enjoy our lives by being deeply attuned to how our strategies are working for us.
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Life Applications

Life Applications explores your moment-to-moment relationship with yourself and others, and provides in-depth practice at establishing and maintaining cooperative connections. In Life Applications we will also explore communication forms that can be used with your families, at work, with your roommates in a collective house, in all situations from one-on-one to large working groups. Life Applications provides the training wheels you are hoping for on your shiny new bicycle of NVC skills and understanding.
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