“In Integrations, Sandra provided a caring atmosphere to explore personal areas for growth using the NVC vocabulary. I particularly enjoyed exploring the area of parenting, which is what drew me to NVC. Sandra shared concrete ideas for implementing NVC as a parent as well as supported me in my own self discovery. I always learn something new when I come to Rose City NVC, whether in a class, a community workshop, or a practice group and appreciate the supportive learning atmosphere.”
Cora G.
“Showing up with others like myself– who felt afraid to share their true feelings with others– created a safe haven that I couldn’t have expected. Vulnerability is always a challenge, and this experience has given me courage to be more vulnerable in my day to day life. Fred Sly is an intelligent, calming, and welcoming presence; the perfect guide into this landscape.”
Joe A.
“I came to the NVC Foundations Class after reading the NVC Book by Marshall Rosenburg; I was looking for application and applied practice for the insight found in the book. It was well worth the cost in explanations and insights. In addition, the chance to meet and hear from other’s lives was refreshing as I saw authenticity in peoples desire to live fully present without ignoring or condemning their emotions.
Instead we learned to understand emotions as signals for basic human needs and then come up with solutions to meet those needs; the result is both empowering and satisfying. Thank-you Fred for caring enough to teach this class.”
Peter H.
“NVC/Compassionate Communication is a fantastic technology for connecting at a deeper level with others and oneself. Fred Sly provides an encouraging environment to learn the tools. His compassion, honesty and humor make the learning light hearted and fun. I highly recommend Fred as an instructor – he knows this stuff!”
Isa D.
“The introductory class showed me what is possible in communicating with my loved ones and the enormous gap between here and there. It gave me some valuable tools that I can actually do and that have already diffused two volatile arguments mid-stream and four potential uncomfortable disagreements. I am grateful to Fred who led the class with love, compassion, skill and talent as he demonstrated the Compassionate Communication principles and desirable results of using them.”
Juliet G.