NVC Mastery Series

Our Mastery Series is currently being redeveloped
Our community is changing, adapting, and evolving – it is time for our Mastery Series to do the same. We are currently in the process of redeveloping the structure and content of the Rose City NVC Mastery Series to better reflect the needs of our shared community. Would you be willing to help meet our needs for cooperation, understanding, learning and contribution by giving us some feedback about what you would like included in the program? What would bring more meaning to the program for you? Where are your learning and growth edges? What does your community need more of?

NVC Mastery Series Feedback

We invite you to provide feedback about our upcoming redesigned NVC Mastery Series.
  • This is intended as an open ended question for you to share about either current personal experience or more general topics in hopes we are able to glean a better understanding of the community we serve and offer the most relevant material possible.