NVC for Couples – Building Skills

In this one day workshop you will learn how NVC can enhance communication in your coupleship and increase intimacy. With deeper intimacy can come new reactivity – we’ll share some tools to recognize reactive patterns and use vulnerability to grow closer.
In this workshop you and your partner will get to explore practicing NVC together!

This workshop is designed to provide skills regardless of experience level. If new to NVC we recommend reading or listening to the book “Nonviolent Communication” by Marshall Rosenburg prior to attending. Couples new to Rose City NVC, as well as folks who have attended the full weekend training, are invited to join us in practicing together; to refresh, sharpen skills, as well as get a few new tools.

In this introductory workshop we will:

• Learn how to listen to our partners in a way that meets their need to be heard for what’s important.
• Learn to make requests of each other and be able to trust that you will be at choice without threat of loss of love
• Discover how to make repairs even when it seems the most impossible.
• Delve into couple appreciation – using NVC to increase intimacy and excitement in times of peace.

Class Details

Facilitators: Sandra Amiry, Isaac Hart

Tuition: $60 – $120 per person, Sliding Scale

When: Next Workshop Date TBD

Where: Online Classroom, register below to get more information.

NVC for Couples - Building Skills

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  • NVC for Couples 1 Day Workshop