Connecting with Kids – Building Compassionate Relationships

One of the ways our enculturation into a “power over” culture shows up in our personal lives and public discussions is the confusion about relationships with children.  Too often teachers, counselors, administrators, parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles, social workers, and everyone who spends time with children are faced with a false dichotomy – structure or connection.  Sometimes this comes up in conversation as “people are too permissive with kids these days” and those working with children find themselves flip-flopping back and forth between an empathetic connection where they complain kids are “walking all over them” and a power-over relationships where they are grasping to maintain control but “the kids they work with won’t talk to them” or when they do they are “constantly lying” to them.  But there is hope.

By applying the spirit of power with that NVC embodies we can create structure and stay in our integrity while growing trust and connection with children.  It is not particularly difficult (no harder than the dangerous dance of “fighting” or “giving-in”) and incredibly rewarding.  It has been shown in research that one honest empathetic connection for a child can be the inspiration to learn self-connection and have healthier relationships – and it doesn’t have to be someone who the child spends a lot of time with, or a parent (although that sure doesn’t hurt!)  When we listen, care for a child’s needs, care for our own needs, model respect and self-respect, and set living boundaries we create an example and environment that can help steer a child toward a richer fuller experience of life. Let’s explore this together and be part of supporting a healthier happier world!

In this workshop you will get to explore practicing NVC with children!

We will:

  • Explore the different stories about children and expectations that can keep us in reactive loops
  • Learn to hear the tough messages children share and self-sooth so you can show up in integrity
  • Make requests of children in a power with way that respects your needs
  • Understand the importance of taking a “long view” – how the “worst moments” are the best “learning opportunities”
  • Practice interactions relevant to your life with support in worksheets and role plays.

Class Details

Facilitators: Sandra Amiry – CNVCT

Tuition: $60 – $120 per person, Sliding Scale

When: Starting Again Soon – Register for Updates

Where: SE Portland, register below to get more information.

Connecting with Kids

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  • Connecting with Kids - 1 Day Workshop