Compassionate Coaching and Mediation
A Personal Experience of NVC

At Rose City NVC we offer a variety of direct support by Certified CNVC Mediator, Sandra Amiry. Coaching and mediation gives individuals, couples, families and groups a direct opportunity to explore, understand and transform.

Individual Coaching

The purpose of individual coaching is to experience the power of direct 1:1 work with an NVC trainer. Is there some area of your life, be it personal or professional, where you feel stuck? Is a part of your life you are longing to experience a little more? Individual coaching can empower you with the awareness to experience the changes you long for.
Offered at $50-$160/hr sliding scale.

Couples Mediation and Coaching

Nowhere in our lives do the wounds of our past experience become more apparent than in our romantic relationships. As we grow closer and more intimate we can also touch into more challenges and without support find ourselves repeating patterns (both within and in subsequent relationships). As one of our facilitators of our Compassionate Couples program and an experienced couples coach/mediator, Sandra offers compassionate support for your shared relationship.
Offered at $60-$180/1.5hr sliding scale.

Family Mediation and Coaching

Are you longing for the skills you are learning in NVC to made more impact in your family? Struggling with major family changes? Experiencing unmet needs due to the impact of the choices family members are making? We want to help. As a mother in a blended family who has been practicing NVC since her teenager was born, Sandra brings a wealth of experience and understanding along with skillful practices to help you and your family make some healthy shift.
Offered at $60-$180/1.5hr sliding scale.

Specialized Coaching Packages

Do you long to integrate one of our classes but can not fit them into our schedule? Do you want to expand on the material? Would you like a targeted and personal approach to integrating the material of one of our workshops into your lives? We have advanced personal programs giving you step by step guidance and a hand to hold through some of our most challenging programs.

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