Suggestions for Deepening Your NVC Skills & Consciousness

Just getting started?  Out of practice?  Want to deepen your NVC skills and consciousness?

Wherever you are in your experience with NVC, these suggestions provide guidance about how our offerings and other resources can help you continue to develop and strengthen your NVC skills and consciousness.



  • Step 1: Our engaging Free Introductions will provide you with a clear, inspiring overview and live demonstration of the essential principles and elements of Nonviolent (Compassionate) Communication.  (Please note, this is not a skill-building event. If you’d like to develop your NVC/compassionate communication skills and consciousness, continue on to Step 2.)







We strongly believe that a daily Presence Practice is an essential part of developing NVC skills and consciousness. In particular, in order to practice NVC effectively, its essential for each of us to develop our capacity to:

  1. notice with compassion whatever is arising in us moment-by-moment (body sensations, emotions, thoughts);  and to
  2. remain present even when we’re experiencing internal upset or disruptive outside circumstances.

We recommend Shared WitnessingTM as an extraordinarily effective way to develop these two essential skills. Many other mindfulness meditation practices also include these two key elements; feel free to experiment and discover what methods most support you in developing these two foundational skills.CLICK HERE for more information about Shared WitnessingTM.



If you have no background in NVC, or if you’d have some previous experience but would like to develop an excellent foundation for your NVC consciousness that starts at the beginning and interweaves NVC principles and tools with personal practice directly applicable to your own life, our 16-hour Foundations Class (2 hours weekly for 8 weeks) would be ideal for you.

If you’re new to NVC or would like a refresher on the basics, but missed the start of our current Foundations class, the combination of our 8-hour Basic Skills class (a 1.5 day class that includes an overview of the NVC model plus practice using some of NVC’s key components) plus our 16-hour Integration Series I class (2 hours weekly for 8 weeks) is an excellent alternative.  This combination of classes covers the same information as our Foundations class.

The primary difference between our Foundations class vs. Basic Skills + Integration Series I is that, due to time limitations during the Basic Skills class, there’s somewhat less time spent on integrative practice during that class.  The Integration Series I class does provide the same in-depth integration of principles and tools with practice as the Foundations class, but assumes that you already understand the basics of NVC.

If you’re already familiar with NVC’s key elements and don’t need the Basic Skills information, our Integration Series I class is designed just for you, to support further development and integration of the basic NVC skills you already have, through practical exercises and interactive dialog.

Once you’ve completed EITHER our Foundations Class OR our Integration Series I (or have developed comparable experience elsewhere), the next step is our Integration Series II class.