Communication for a Growing Community

Once we become ready to leave the isolation and disempowerment created by our mainstream culture’s  social and housing structures and begin to negotiate more involved, mutually supportive connections in our communities, we often discover we lack the tools we need to manage the increased level of interaction and intimacy these new community connections bring.

In order to fulfill the promise and possibilities of more cooperative relationships, it’s essential to learn and integrate new tools that are specifically designed to support (rather than thwart) this way of relating that is so different from the ways we learned as children.

Nonviolent Communication (NVC, or Compassionate Communication) is one such tool.

NVC was developed from Humanistic Psychology by Marshall Rosenberg in an effort to understand how to create a quality of relationship that supports our own and each other’s thriving. A major source of pain in relationship arises when differences between us lead to misunderstandings and conflict. We all understand what the outcomes of conflict are: someone wins and someone loses, which usually means that both parties lose in some deep and fundamental way. Relationships end up feeling like battles and can even turn into wars.

NVC offers the perspective that the differences between (and within) us aren’t sources of conflict but, rather, opportunities to develop understanding and promote growth.  NVC provides skills and a consciousness that specifically enable us to create the quality of relationship that we all long for.




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