Basic Skills Workshop

Do you long to know how to create a deep sense of freedom, safety, ease, and joyful connection in your relationships with your loved ones? (partner, children, parents, neighbors, coworkers)

Do you long to know how to heal and release old pain and limitations from the past?

In this 2-day workshop you’ll learn specific Nonviolent Communication (NVC, or Compassionate Communication) tools that offer a way of perceiving, understanding, and communicating that will:

  • Clarify what’s behind our own and others’ anger, fear, and other “negative” emotions, providing the foundation for tremendous understanding, joy, freedom, and safety
  • Demonstrate how to create a deeply safe, accepting, compassionate environment that leaves us feeling free to be everything we are — our real self — with others
  • Help you identify and focus your efforts on what actually does make your life more wonderful
  • Reveal what’s really behind our conflicts with other people, and demonstrate how to dissolve these misunderstandings and begin enjoying the natural satisfaction, inspiration, communion, and joy that our relationships are meant to give us

Using real-life situations that you and others bring, and in a compassionate, accepting environment, we’ll demonstrate, and you’ll practice developing your skills at:

  • Speaking what’s true for you in a way that others are more likely to be able to hear
  • Hearing the pain that others express in a way that creates positive connection
  • Asking for what you want in a way that supports your own and others’ thriving


Attendance at a Free Introduction, OR read Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life by Marshall Rosenberg, OR previous exposure to NVC.   (Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the prerequisite.)


$145 – $245 sliding scale per person




To request a workshop,  click here and let us know your group size, desired weekend or timeframe, your goals (needs), and anything else that would help us understand your needs.