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you long for that special, amazing connection that makes your heart sing,

that fills you with a sense of acceptance, belonging, communion, and limitless possibility.


And in the beginning, our intimate relationships do enchant, celebrate, and nourish us. But over time, something always seems to change.


What happens to the love we feel for each other?

Why do we sometimes feel as if our beloved is our enemy?

Why do our best efforts to restore that lovely sense of attunement fail so much of the time, leaving us hurt, disappointed, or angry?


The acclaimed Amazing Relationships: Foundations workshop provides singles, couples, and those considering uncoupling with an extraordinarily compassionate, safe, honest opportunity to discover:

  • The Alchemical Relationship Road Map that finally makes sense of the stuff that goes on in romantic relationships
  • The essential “Relationship Readiness Skills” that make or break relationships (your relationship needs these like your body needs food and water) — click here for a video sneak preview
How our "Broken Toes" Sabotage our Relationships

How our “Broken Toes” Sabotage Our Relationships! (a sneak preview to the Amazing Relationships: Foundations course)

  • The startling #1 antidote for loneliness (that you can need even when you’re in a romantic relationship)
  • What stops you from asking for what you want (or from saying “no” to what you don’t want), and how you can reclaim that power and freedom
  • How you may be unwittingly trapping your date or partner into being exactly what you don’t want, and how you can stop
  • How to know when it’s time to let a connection go, and
  • 3 things you can do to make any relationship outcome (even uncoupling) a wonderful experience

Come learn from powerfully authentic, real-life stories of discovery, transformation, and restored connection and joy that will leave you inspired, excited, and clear about what’s really possible for you and your intimate relationship.

You CAN HAVE the magic and joy that truly is our relationship BIRTHRIGHT.


(NO NVC experience is required to participate in this life-changing course.)


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Vika Miller, MA
Fred Sly, PhD, CNVC Certified Trainer


January 25, February 1, February 8 (3 consecutive Sundays)   1:30pm – 5:45pm


Sellwood-Moreland neighborhood (near Bybee & 17th), 97202
(Location details provided up on registration.)




$195 – $295* Sliding scale tuition (per person)

Tuition for graduates of the “original” Amazing Relationships Workshop**:

$75 – $175 Sliding scale tuition (per person) — includes 20% off any coaching session with Vika or Fred

** Those who participated in the original Amazing Relationships Workshop before September 2014.

NOTE:  Graduates of the original Amazing Relationships Workshop can participate in the *NEW* Amazing Relationships: Foundations Workshop PLUS the *NEW* Amazing Relationships Practice Group for a special discounted tuition of only $145 – $245 sliding scale.  Click here to request your special discount code.



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