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“This was life-changing. Just incredible.” –Tom E.

     “This has shown me ways to get the connection I really want in relationship.” — Kathy E.

“I have more faith that [we] can understand one another’s needs and find our way through difficult discussions/conflicts.” — Leslie K.

“This was spectacular!” –Tim B.            “Wow! There’s a way that works! — J.P.

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You long for it:  that beautiful sense of attunement, flow, and deep belonging that comes with being in love.
And you keep losing it:  one day this lovely sense of enchantment turns into a sense that there’s SOMETHING WRONG.

What happens to the love we feel for each other?
Why do we sometimes feel as if our beloved is our enemy?

Why do our best efforts to restore that lovely sense of attunement … fail so much of the time?

In this acclaimed 2-day workshop for couples AND singles, you’ll discover:

  • the 3 HIDDEN CAUSES of disconnection with your beloved, and how to protect your relationship from them
  • the WARNING SIGNS that what you do next will create even more distance (if not outright upset), and what to do instead
  • how to reliably CREATE a DEEP SENSE OF ATTUNEMENT and COMMUNION with your partner
  • ESSENTIAL “RELATIONSHIP REPAIR” STEPS that complete old hurts and restore trust and tenderness
  • KEY SKILLS that are required to foster the sense of safety, authenticity, and room to BE that we all long for

It really is possible to CREATE, SUSTAIN, and CONTINUALLY RENEW the MAGIC … after the “honeymoon” is over.

Learn from powerfully authentic, real-life stories of pain, discovery, transformation, relief, and “lived wisdom” that will leave you inspired, excited, and clear about what’s really possible for you and your intimate relationship.

Free Intro to NVC + the Amazing Relationships Workshop
Monday, July 7, 6:30-9:30pm
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Vika Miller, MA, Thriving Life   (Click here for more information about Vika)

Fred Sly, PhD,  Rose City NVC  (Click here for more information about Fred)


* COMING FALL 2014 *    (Saturday & Sunday)  10am – 5pm each day

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3534 SE Main Street, Portland OR 97214




$195 – $295*    Sliding scale tuition (per person)  — includes 1 private coaching session with Fred and Vika

* A limited number of partial scholarships are available for those who would otherwise be unable to participate, even at our lowest sliding scale tuition levels. Please click here for details.  We would love to have you join us!   — Vika and Fred


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What people are saying:

“This was just incredible. In a few hours, you helped me change my life. The struggles I’ve been having in my personal and professional relationships … I can’t believe the difference this makes. Thank you, thank you, I didn’t know things could change so quickly.” – Tom E., MA; former Catholic priest; President of Creating Resolution

“I walked out of the workshop with new insights and understanding about relationships.” — S. Thielan

“I have a lot more skills and more power now, I feel hopeful and inspired… my next relationship can be amazing!” –M. Romney (no, not Mitt :D)