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Hello, Risa – we are so glad that this material is as exciting to you as

it is to us. I sent you access to the second teleseminar today – as you

mentioned, you have already listened to the first one -

Very warmly, Sarah




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How did you first hear about New Depths? I attended a teleseminar of Sarah’s on Healing Intergenerational Wounds, and happily got on the mailing list.
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How else can we help?   Dear Susan and Sarah,
Thank you for such a lovely call tonight; I could so clearly feel your care and respect for all of us there, and beyond that a bouyant warmth and open-ness that has me still smiling.
Unfortunately the intensive program isn’t feasible for me at the moment (I live in upstate NY and airtravel isn’t much of an option), but I would be very interested in the possibility of a teleclass, so will keep an eye out for more news of that!
If you would be willing to send me access to some audio recordings that model even some of the process, I would really appreciate and enjoy that (and no rush at all).
I’ve been practicing Inner Relationship Focusing for the last couple years, and I think maybe I can imagine a little of the power- and wonder- of the healing of  wounded parts that you describe, as they are held as long as needed with loving presence/empathy and can finally express/embody their full truth. I think there is little I have known that feels more precious to experience or be witness to.
Thank you for your deep study and understanding of what seems like profoundly healing work, and your willingness to share it so generously- and in such a friendly, and accessible way! I  very much look forward to learning more…
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