Capacity Building Meditation and NVC

For many of us who are learning to communicate compassionately we continue to “miss the mark” long after we understand the basic framework of OFNR (Observation, Feeling, Need and Request).  When we experience strong emotions there is a tendency to become disconnected from our new intentions, slip into old patterns, leading to unmet needs for ourselves and others.  So how to we experience a shift in the capacity to use OFNR and transform our experience of life and relationship connections?

Mindfulness in many forms is the evidenced based approach to improve the capacity to shift towards using our new skills, improve our emotional intelligence (EQ) and contribute more to others while experiencing greater ease and harmony ourselves.

In this workshop you will get to directly build our skill capacity!

We will:

  • Practice a variety of meditation techniques that have proven effective for building capacity.
  • Learn to detect the nuanced internal sensations that we represent as “feelings” within NVC.
  • Experience a few “tough emotions” in a safe and controlled space.
  • Take a step towards bridging our spiritual, personal and professional lives.

Class Details

Facilitator: Isaac Hart

Tuition: $50-$120 sliding scale

When: Sunday, January 26th, 10:30am to 3:00p (1 hr lunch)

Where: SE Portland, register below to get more information.

Capacity Building - Meditation and NVC

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